Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy B-Day Mom! Raw Brownies

Today is my Mom's birthday! It was a great day to be outside! It was in the 70's here in AZ. So we took a stroll outside with my dogs..

as soon as they were up!
Since I'm still not feeling well I decided to (un)cook pasta with basil pesto, my usual big salad with a choice of a vinaigrette or her Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing and pecan brownies. Little did I realize that my mom can't stand walnuts. She says her dislike for them stems from her childhood- when she and her sibling had to pick them. She explained that walnuts have a difficult to remove husk similar to young coconuts.

Usual Salad

Basil Pesto with Zukie Noodles

Brownie Recipe:

1 cup pecan, ground; 
1 cup dates; 
Approx. 3 Tbps Cacao powder;
Agave to Taste; 
1 tsp vanilla extract;

Chocolate Icing:
Coconut Oil,
cacao powder, 
vanilla extract

Chopped pecans

See Yah Later!

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