Monday, December 14, 2009

My first Blog Post

Well, I figured I might as well join in the Internet world. I have chosen to try dive into the Raw Food movement for a few reasons. One, I want to know how it would feel to let go of the processed foods- at least most of them. Second, I love trying to new recipes. And Lastly, I want to improve me overall health.

I've been researching the benefits of raw food for approximately a year and there are plenty of benefits. I tried and loved green smoothies and I completed a brief juice feast . I think it was about 10 days. I loved it! I loved the combinations of fruits and veggies and I loved trying out veggies I never got a chance to growing up. As a child my mom always made sure I consumed my 5 fruit and veggies daily.

You know how people start their New Year's resolutions January 1st? Well, I want to go into the New Year already into my resolutions. So, for the next 15 days I will be on a high raw diet. High raw will be 90%-100%. I promise myself I will included a green smoothie daily! I will also try a new recipe weekly.

I had two 32 oz green smoothies today. One consisted of a banana, orange, apple and bunches of spinach. The other was a Samra's Cilantro Shake posted here :


vanilla and cinnamon. 

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