Tuesday, January 19, 2010

1 Week Raw...Almost

So, I've been on a 80-90% raw food eating plan for the past couple of weeks....even when I not feeling well. Last night I went to a potluck Bible study and did not eat any of the processed cake, cookies, muffins etc....!! Instead, I ate before I arrived. I was not tempted with anything. Well...I guess I shouldn't say that. You know, when my family and friend get together we eat. So, I was tempted to eat because I was around company..not because I was hungry.

Moving on, I made a goal to try a new recipe daily, whether it's a smoothie combination or just a different fruit on veggie. My new food experiences are pictured below. I also noticed that once I (un)cooked Sunday and Monday I did not need to cook anything else. I started each morning with a 16 oz whole food juice or smoothie that took a few minutes to make and put in a cup to go. My lunches consisted of large salads and fruit or a falafel type wrap. My dinners were the same: Kale salad, smoothie, falafel wrap, zucchetti with raw marinara or lemon basil pesto! I'm enjoying my raw journey. The recipes are fun and mostly easy. Who says eating raw has to be hard?
One reason I felt I could not do the "raw thing" before was because I was overwhelmed with many of the complex recipes. But now I'm learning that the simple recipes are great and fun to prepare.
Below are photos of my meals last weeks.
blueberries, spinach, banana, hemp protein

Cinnamon Banana Shake

Blueberries, grapes, spinach 1/2 banana

Whole grapefruit juice made with the Vita-mix

Basic Salad

Spaghetti Squash with marinara

Falafel like balls with a zucchini flax wrap with marinated kale salad and grapes

Lemon pesto and zucchetti

Tomato Basil soup

Strawberry Mango Coconut freeze

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