Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Trying new Recipes

As much as I would like to purchase a ton of raw food books my budget will not allow me to. However, with the abundance of information on the internet I am able to learn a great deal about eating raw. In the past few months I’ve copied many recipes from authors like Alissa Cohen, Sarma Melngailis and James Russell. The last couple of recipes I tried were, Turnip Ravioli (Alissa) with macadamia nut cheese (from James Russell.)

Raw Ravioli
For the ravioli I used my own sundried marinara and added spices to the macadamia nut cheese. I also marinated the turnips in lemon juice and a dash of salt to soften them up quicker. Pictured below was the end result.

Next up, since there are times when I’m not at home for a good part of the day I wanted to make a sandwich that did not need to be assembled. In my previous post I made Ani Phyo’s Black Sesame bread but that did not hold up well when I traveled. So, I made collard wraps making sure all the veggies were as dry as possible.

 First attempt

Caesar Salad Wrap with oatmeal cranberry cookies

After making Carmella's (very easy) Oatmeal Cookies I attempted to make some others. My favorite treats as a child often included something with peanut butter like peanut butter cups, peanut butter cookies,  and (chocolate) peanut butter milkshakes. I will make almond butter cups when I find a simple recipe, until then I decided to try my hand at almond butter cookies. I didn't have any almond butter and I did not want to spend $10 on a half size jar. So.... I made some almond butter with my food processor. It was easier than I expected. All it took was 1 cup of almonds and 10-15 minutes of processing.

Oatmeal chocolate pecan, Lemon Coconut, Oatmeal Cranberry,
Almond Butter and Chewy Oatmeal (not pictured)

Lately, I've started my morning with some kind of drink like a green smoothie, fruit smoothie, or green juice. They are so quuick and easy. I've discovered smoothies will last a day in the fridge.

Pure Grapefruit Juice

Sour Apple- green apple, lemon, grapes, spinach, ginger, banana and hemp seeds
Sweet Beet Juice- Apple, celery, carrot, and beets

This next drink is one of my absolute favorites. I drink this sometimes twice a day. It's a mixture of carrot, ginger, brazil nut milk, and bananas. The original recipe comes from the book Raw Food Real World.

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