Monday, June 21, 2010

Blog Change- Chelz High Raw Lifestyle

Since I have completed my original raw food challenge, I’ve decided to change the focus on my blog. While eating mostly raw a few friends asked me how I afford it and how can I stay on track. As for “staying on track,” I’ve decided to continue on with a high raw diet (85- 90%). I will include cooked foods such as whole grains and beans.

I’m sure you’ve heard people say healthy eating is more expensive than eating junk. I have found this to be true, particularly while eating raw- organic raw. During these economic times when prices are increasing and services are decreasing, I must be practical in my approach.
The reality is I will not always eat organic nor will I be able to afford all of the ingredients needed to prepare some of the exotic meals that may also require excessive preparation. They are definitely eye-catching and I’m sure they taste great but they don’t fit in my lifestyle often. Organic foods are said to be healthier because of the absence of synthetic materials used during the growth process. There are many intricacies that determine the health aspect of organic produce. I’m not going to go into detail right now.  However, I do believe and studies have shown organic produce is healthier than the pesticide laden produce.

The main goal of my blog is to demonstrate how I eat high raw on a $20-$35 weekly budget. Choosing seasonal produce will help me stay on track. Sprouting some seeds such as wheat berries, sunflower seeds and buckwheat groats are great ways to save. Sprouts do not require any dirt- just a little rinsing. Smoothies, juices, salads, pastas, nut milks and granola (dehydrated or not) are great quick and easy economical meals. They can get as creative as you want.

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