Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Thrifty Food 31 Day Challenge

In these current economic times many people are on a tight budget. I am no exception. Now that I’ve cut down on my other expenses I’m working on cutting down my food budget. As I mentioned in other posts, many believe that a high raw food diet is too expensive, especially when buying organic produce. While researching the internet for tips on budget shopping I ran across this article about the USDA’s Thrifty Food Plan. The Thrifty Food Plan “serves as a national standard for a nutritious diet at low cost.” They base their recommendation on age and gender. Their latest calculations for the Thrifty Food Plan, May 2010, state that a female between the ages of 19- 50 years should be able to eat nutritious meals on $34.60.

My challenge is to eat a nutritious High Raw based Organic diet on no more than 34.60 for the month of July. Eat week I will post my grocery list, grocery bill and my meal plan. I will also post a list of my meals each day. My goal in this challenge is to prove that a high raw organic diet is possible with a little planning. I also want to prove (to me) that a high raw diet is not difficult.

Note: I will be incorporating beans and some non organic produce based on the Dirty Dozen List in my previous post.

So, feel free to join me, watch and comment.

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