Tuesday, June 29, 2010

How I buy Organic on a Budget

Purchasing organic food on a budget can be a bit difficult but following these few tips will help get you started.

  1. Visit your local Farmers Market. Local farmer usually grow organic produce with getting accreditation.
  2. Buy a Share from a CSA. Community Supported Agriculture is a system where people purchase-in advance-fresh, usually organic, products from their neighborhood farm. The average cost is around $18- $30 a week for about 8 weeks.
  3. Be your own Farmer. You don't need a huge garden to get the benefits of organic produce. Try growing herbs and sprouting seeds and pulses (legumes) in the kitchen. 
  4. Buy Seasonal Produce. Please don't look for strawberries in November. :) In season produce will be cheaper than out of season produce.
  5. Plan your meals. Shop according to your weekly menu. Try to plan meals around what's on sale.
  6. Change your Shopping day. Try grocery shopping on Wednesday instead of the usual Saturday or Sunday. Sometimes grocery stores have better sales in the middle of the week. 
  7. Partner Up. Get a couple of friends and purchase in bulk.
  8. Check the List. The FDA has a list of the Dirty Dozen (foods to buy Organic) and The Clean 15 (conventional foods that are safer to consume). *See Picture Below
  9. Buy prepackaged. Buy frozen organic fruits and veggies may be cheaper.
  10. Don't Stress...Relax. Make the best choices for you.

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