Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Green Smoothie Challenge Days 1-4

As I mentioned in my previous post, I decided to do a 30 day Green Smoothie Challenge (GSC). Green Smoothies were the start of consuming more raw foods for me. After a couple of weeks, people around me began to comment on how great my skin looked. I noticed my allergies weren’t bothering me as much. My nose cleared up completely!
Check out my last 4 days of GS.

Day 1 GS

Pineapple and Kale 
3 large Kale leaves
1 cup pineapple
1 Large piece of ginger
hemp seeds

Day 2-GS turned into a GJ (green juice)
Unpasteurized Apple Juice
2-3 large handfuls of spinach
1/3 banana
1 inch peice of ginger
1 tsp raw honey

Day 3- Tuesday's GS
Kale Colada
1/2 banana
2 tsp coconut butter
lime big piece of ginger
1tsp honey

Day 4 Wednesday's GS (Double Day)
Green Apple Spice
Unpateurized Apple Juice
3 large handfuls spinach
Dash of cinnamon
large piece ginger
juice fom 1/2 lemon

Mango and Parsley Colada
1 Young Coconut and its juice
1 small handful of parsley
splash of vanilla
pinch of salt
lime juice 

**I'm trying to get over an illness so, I've been adding ginger, garlic, honey and cinnamon to many of my meals and drinks**

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