Monday, July 19, 2010

Tried it Again! Trip to Ahwatukee’s Farmers Market

The first week of my challenge I went to the Phoenix Farmers Market and only scored some herbs. The herbs were great but I was looking for more. Well, this morning I made it to Ahwatukee’s Farmers Market at 8 and was pleasantly surprised. There were many more vendors than last time I visited and they were so friendly in spite of the ridiculously hot (kind of humid) weather. I scored a lot for only $12.

After the Farmers Market, I went to the grocery store for some almonds, sunflower seeds, pumkin seeds, bananas and medjool dates. I got them for 7.95.
From last week: cucumber, plums, broccoli; Farmers Market: green and red apple, nectarines, tomatoes, zuchinni, micro greens purple basil, corn, mint; Store: medjool dates,limes, bananas, almonds, sunflower seeds and pumkin seeds 

Around noonish I met up with a couple of friends for lunch at the Blue Nile Café. Every 2nd or 3rd Sunday they have a special raw food menu. We split a Caesar Salad and two of us ordered the Baha Burrito served with guacamole, sour cream sauce and mango salsa. The Caesar Salad was good but I did not like the soft croutons. The Baha Burrito looked familiar to me. I spoke with the owner and found out that they got the recipe from the book 'The Art of raw living Food', which I have.

Baha Burrito

I spent the rest of my Saturday defrosting my fridge, cleaning and creating my weekly menu. Tomorrow, I'll pot my menu for the next couple of days.

'til then, 

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